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Dusk & Dawn (202-)

90 min   |   English   | 

Producer: Roseanne Supernault, Tina Keeper, Jessie Anthony

Director: Roseanne Supernault

Dusk & Dawn is a stylized, camp, dark comedy which features Indigenous Couture. Set in Alberta (the Texas of Canada). We follow a strong Indigenous Female lead who rekindles her love with her ex, Dusk, on the night of her grad.
Getting caught in a love triangle is no budding femme fatale's want or need, so can Dawn escape a tale as old as time? This genre bending dark comedy puts a spin on romances of old, and adds a rezzy flavour to it. You'll be in stitches watching as our heroine evades colonial nonsense as she takes her small town by storm (and a right hook).

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